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Principal Mexico

A one-stop-shop for financial literacy and action

Redirecting traffic

Principal Mexico's customers had a negative perception of saving for retirement- many customers relied on Principal representatives to make financial transactions on their behalf.

Principal wanted to direct more of this traffic to their digital platforms—but why were customers so hesitant to use them?

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The Team, Timeline, & Scope

Our team completed this project over the span of 9 months.

Kayla Byington

Project Manager

Riley Green

UX Designer

Andrew Sladky

UX Designer

Uncovering the root of the problem

In our discovery research we looked beyond Principal’s digital products and honed in on why customers had developed negative associations with retirement funding. We found the answers in public distrust surrounding saving money—Principal needed to establish trust with customers and provide financial education. These discoveries shaped the design foundation for the Principal product suite.

Investor types

Aggressive and hands-off Investors alike

We created personas to represent Principal Mexico’s user base and spotlight the customer experience at all levels. Customer tiers were united by a cynical approach to money management. We identified how mistrust impacted each customer type to give Principal clarity on how their product suite could address these perceptions.

Navigating a complex industry with ease

When evaluating the customer portal, we found opportunity to improve access, organization, and management of information surrounding the Afore retirement plan. We created a comprehensive information structure for all of Principal's investment offerings, giving users better access to the information they need.

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Communicating Trustworthiness

We focused on transparency, layman's language, and comprehendible visualization to promote a trustworthy feel.

Conversational copy made users feel like they were working alongside their Principal representatives. Performance graphics gave customers insight into their retirement progress, and benchmarking revealed how they were performing in relation to their peers.

We equipped Principal with a product that reflected an improved understanding of their customers’ perceptions and behavior.

The digital suite now eases hesitation in saving money by acting as a financial planner and educational resource, empowering customers to plan with their financial future in mind.

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