Be the expert everyone needs.

A team UX workshop will help your company stand out in a crowd.

Student today. Leader tomorrow.

The first step is the scariest, but we’ll be there with you every step of the way. In just a few days, we’ll give you the training and knowledge you need to create better products and services.

Learn from experts

Since 1988, we’ve worked in various industries solving a wide-range of problems. We can help coach you on how to navigate the challenges of UX.

Gain practical knowledge

The basic principles are important, but you have to be able to apply them to your situation. You’ll be able to walk away knowing how to adapt, manage, or pivot when needed.

Participate in hands-on activities

There’s only so much learning that can be done at a desk. In our UX bootcamp, we’ll apply our techniques to some of your actual product challenges.

Understand ux from start to finish

You may not use every part of the process on every project, but you’ll leave knowing how to do customer research, design, and usability testing.

Here's how to start:

1. Tell us about you

We want to know more about you and your company so we can adapt our curriculum to meet project challenges.

2. Schedule a time

This should be a great experience for you, so we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs—just tell us when and where.

3. Be prepared to learn

This will be fast-paced and hands-on. Expect to leave with a tired, saturated brain.

People are depending on you to lead. Don't let them down.

Wasting time icon

Quit wasting time

Every day without UX is a day wasted—you could be making your products and services better.

Wasting money icon

Quit wasting money

We’re all for DIY, but when things fall flat, rework costs your company in a big way. Learn how to do it yourself, the right way.

Wasting energy icon

Quit wasting energy

It takes a lot of effort to understand every nuance of every UX methodology. We’ll give you the foundation to build your own version.

Who is this for?

  • Product Owners
  • Product Managers
  • Product Designers
  • Junior and Associate UX Designers
  • Visual & Graphic Designers
  • Customer Support
  • Marketing
  • Agile Coaches

Anyone who has a hand in your customer’s experience

This is about you.

We'll custom design a UX workshop for your team and challenges. You’ll get:

  • Invaluable UX training
  • Two UX experts to lead your learning
  • All supplies and materials
  • Fuel to learn: breakfast, lunch, snacks, and beverages

We thought we had considered everything, but we had not considered the importance of user experience. So we sought assistance with Visual Logic, and the experience was beyond remarkable.

Michael Baxley // President at Bee Line

Three ways to improve your customer's experience.

Project-Based UX

Is your system not performing as you hoped, or are you ready to upgrade an outdated experience? We can help you beat the competition by using our proven, scientific method to gain you more customer love.

Build it Right

UX Workshops

Are you a DIY-er looking to bring UX training to your company? We'll guide your team through an immersive workshop about all things UX, or if you’d rather hone in on a particular skill, we can do that too.

Build UX Knowledge

Transform your Company

Do you want to transform how your company approaches building products? We'll guide you through the process of integrating human-centered design methods into your organization.

Build a UX Team