Build a
competition-crushing UX team

You’re ready to have an internal team devoted to user and customer
experience design, and we’re here to help you build it.

Being a leader in customer experience makes you a leader in your industry.

Research has proven that customer experience impacts business­ — both negatively and positively. In a 10-year study, the stock portfolio of companies who were leaders on the Customer Experience Index (CXi) outperformed laggards by about 120%.

Visual Logic will help you build a highly capable internal UX team dedicated to creating superior customer experiences.

Graph comparing stock performance of Experience Leaders vs. Laggards

Stock performance of customer experience leaders vs. laggards from 2007–2017 (Watermark Consulting – 2019 Customer Experience Study)

Areas of impact

Building the right team will transform your company.

We believe great experiences are produced when UX methodology is embraced by your whole organization, not just the UX team.
A company that embraces UX can expect:

  • More informed decision-making
  • Higher confidence in product success
  • Increased efficiency within teams
  • Enhanced employee engagement due to more meaningful work
Building your team

The right people make all the difference.

Hiring a designer is not the same as hiring someone who is both skilled in user experience and has the potential to grow into a UX leader for your organization. We’re well-versed in scouting and growing exceptional UX leaders.

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It can be hard to hire for UX—there's no certification or standard to prove a new hire is equipped. We'll help you search for and select the right people who are both qualified to lead your UX efforts and who fit your culture.

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There are a lot of names for UX professionals with a lot of overlap—visual designer versus interaction designer, developer versus engineer. We'll identify your needs and help you form just the right team for your company.

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There are some training programs out there for individuals to learn UX practices, but we've designed a training program that's meant to adapt to your unique team—something you can continue to use long after we're gone.

For us, what stood out the most was their willingness to really find a roadmap that fit our company. They didn’t come in with a one-size-fits-all approach that they tried to shoehorn our company into. Instead, they took the time to understand both what we wanted and how our culture and processes would play into that."

Maria Ucchino
Director of Business Development at SRC, Inc

How it works

We’ll help you do the heavy-lifting.

Our in-house team will start helping you with UX work right away, and as your team is built and developed we’ll transition the work over to them—leaving you with fully-independent UX leaders.

  • Visual Logic assistance
  • Your UX team's independence

Explore the process:

Assess Design Maturity

Getting to know your needs as an organization

We start the way any successful project starts—with good research. We can only build you a great team if we understand your organization and needs. We're looking to discover the level to which your organization has embraced design (we're not talking visual design, but the type of decision-making that puts your customers at the center of all decision-making and problem-solving.

Build a Custom Plan of Action

Determining the course of action

Next, we develop the right plan for your organization. What does the roadmap look like? How and when will we hire? What work needs to get done before we get there? This often includes our in-house team helping you solve real problems alongside your teams right away, so you don't have to wait to start accomplishing your UX goals.

Begin Culture Shift Plan

Embracing UX as an organization

Because UX thinking is so integral to your product, it must be embraced company wide. This might require a culture shift, and culture shifts take time. We will help pave the way toward your entire organization utilizing your UX team and using human-centered design thinking

Hire and Develop a Team

Putting together an expert team

It's time to get your team together. From recruitment to interviews, we'll work to get talented employees on your team, being sure to find great fits for your existing team. From here, we'll use our proven training plan and begin developing your new team to be experts in user and customer experience.

Begin Utilizing the Team

Using the team to build successful products

It's time to put the team to work. By this point, our team is ready to step out of the picture, and your entire organization is well on its way to utilizing your new UX team as a central component of every important decision. You'll reap the benefits of more informed decision-making, human-centered products, and increased sales.

What you'll get

We’ll go way beyond talent scouting.

UX work from the beginning

Our UX team will start working on projects for you right away and work alongside new hires so they get first-hand experience.

Custom design system

Our in-house team will create a design system from scratch that allows both current and new project designs to move forward quickly and consistently.

Become equipped as an organization

Beyond just training your new UX team, we’ll work with your organization to ensure you can fully tap into its power.

Tools to measure your success

We’ll give you methods to observe the success of your UX design team and the impact they have on your organization and products over time.

Hiring the best UX team possible

We’ll ensure that your new UX team is made up of just the right mix of skill sets and personalities for the job.

Mature your design capabilities

You’ll have access to resources that grow and foster a successful team and improve the design maturity of your entire organization.

Success Stories

Establishing UX excellence in the defense and intelligence space

Our work with SRC chevron_right

Defining UX practices & culture for a church management software company

Our work with Pushpay chevron_right

Three ways to improve your customer's experience.

Project-Based UX

Is your system not performing as you hoped, or are you ready to upgrade an outdated experience? We can help you beat the competition by using our proven, scientific method to gain you more customer love.

Build it Right

UX Workshops

Are you a DIY-er looking to bring UX training to your company? We'll guide your team through an immersive workshop about all things UX, or if you’d rather hone in on a particular skill, we can do that too.

Build UX Knowledge

Transform your Company

Do you want to transform how your company approaches building products? We'll guide you through the process of integrating human-centered design methods into your organization.

Build a UX Team

Start building your UX team today.

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