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The Industry

Retail & Grocery

Project Timeline

3 Months

Our services

Concept Design, UX design

Our Deliverables

Usability Testing, Journey Maps, Recommendations

Project Team

Kayla Byington

UX Lead & Researcher

Kait Brown

Visual Designer

Kurt Vander Wiel


Digital grocery shopping gives valuable time back.

Hy-Vee has been competing in this space since 2015, though needed to remain competitive as the demand increased.

The Problem

Hy-Vee’s digital grocery shopping tools, Aisles Online, had never been formally tested for usability.

Our team evaluated Aisles Online with real Hy-Vee customers through usability testing.

Our Solution

Usability wasn’t the issue. We discovered something rooted deeper.

Overall, shoppers were able to complete their tasks. The problems we did see were rooted in unmet expectations and perceptions. To provide value, we:

  1. Documented three customer groups
  2. Outlined the complete user journey
  3. Provided 46 pages of invaluable insights

Three customer groups emerged from our research.

  • Driven by sales, ads, and coupons
  • Driven by brand preference and loyalty
  • Driven by a list based on low cost options
  • Aisles Online needed to accommodate a variety of shopping behaviors.

    We outlined the user journey to highlight areas for improvement.

    The user journey map highlighted thoughts, feelings, and obstacles during the stages of the grocery shopping experience:

  • Gather: list-making, meal planning, and coupon collection
  • Choose: looking for items, comparing prices, substitutions
  • Purchase: arranging pickup time, payment, substitutions
  • Acquire: loading the vehicle, addressing problems
  • A chart showing a Hy-Vee customer's journey.

    We provided 46 pages of valuable insights from the voice of the customer. What’s next?

    These recommendations guided the Hy-Vee Aisles Online team for moving forward—from search bar specifics to the entire digital ecosystem.

    Hy-Vee is known for providing a helpful smile in every aisle, and we made sure they were prepared to implement that experience digitally.

    Visual Logic has a way of stripping away all the visual noise and cutting experience down to something that is elegant and simple to use."

    Michael Novotny
    Former Director of Software Engineering, Hy-Vee

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