You’ve made it through another crazy trip around the sun. High five!

Twenty-seventeen taught us a lot of things, and one of them is this: to show what you know, share what you know.

To show what you know, share what you know.

So in 2018, we’re giving you a crash course in user experience (UX) for businesses: Better UX in 10 Minutes (sign up here to get it).

Kurt, one of the partners at Visual Logic, put together this video series to show you how to make your product useful, usable, and desirable. We know… we’ve thrown those terms around for years. But here, Kurt talks about what each really means and how to accomplish the feat of such a wondrous, unicorn-esque product.

We’ve even put together worksheets to get you moving and producing real results.

You’re going to be blown away at how simple UX really is… at least when you have someone like Kurt guiding you through the thick of it. We’re excited to share Better UX in 10 Minutes with you!

Cheers, hugs, smiles, and hat tips to a human-focused 2018!