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Sarah Buzynski

Senior UX Designer

Sarah is a senior UX designer who loves her job because she believes that human-centered design is like loving people—you have to know who you’re designing for in order to serve them well.

Sarah spends her time working to understand users and stakeholders alike to help frame “the real problem” and collaborating with the Visual Logic team to address its many angles. Her thinking follows logic and constraints; she’s able to catch a vision—and work toward that future—while staying true to the strategy defined. This kind of thinking helps her build plans that best utilize the multi-faceted talents of her team to deliver outputs that move the needle for our clients.

Outside work hours, Sarah is set out to experience and share joy with others—good meals [and coffee], good fun, and meaningful connection! She and her husband sweat it out at a local CrossFit gym and encourage their children toward discovery and adventure—which, at this point, looks like perfecting new dance moves, “treasure” hunting, nature walks, and hammock camping.

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    A latte artist in-training
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    Equates vacation to food experiences
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    Soon-to-be Wheel of Fortune contestant

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