Bee Line simplified their complex software with human-centered design.

Bee Line is the world’s leading manufacturer of computer laser wheel alignment, tire balancing and frame correction for heavy duty trucks and trailers.

Visual Logic's human-centered design process delivers results.

Bee Line had a problem that we see often, which is a great product idea, but they hadn't yet focused on user experience. Their new optical measurement technology needed to have an intuitive user interface with understandable data visualizations.

Our goal was to create a scientific, unbiased recommendation on how to build a system that made the complex frame alignment process simple and easy to understand.


Watch the video to see how our product design process helped Bee Line turn their innovative idea into reality.

We thought we had considered everything, but we had not considered the importance of user experience. So we sought assistance with Visual Logic, and the experience was beyond remarkable.

Michael Baxley // President at BeeLine

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