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MedHub: Holistic ecosystem


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Military & Defence,

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3 Months

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Ben Rendall

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Riley Green

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Andy Van-Fleet


Under high stakes and intense conditions, military medical workers have an immense job to perform.

Shared situational awareness and clear communication of patient needs is imperative to mission success.

The Problem

Successful medical evacuations can be difficult and overwhelming for everyone involved.

In an attempt to win a client contract, our team set out to design a holistic concept that addressed three key problems:

Caring for multiple patients.
During transportation, field medics may need to monitor and attend to numerous injured patients at the same time.

Access to information.
From site of injury, to transport, to med facility, getting the right information to the right people at the right time is essential – but difficult.

Inefficient triage process.
Because doctors may not receive much patient information until a patient arrives at the medical facility, triage can be difficult.

Our Solution

MedHub: a holistic healthcare ecosystem.

With consideration to each point of contact along the medical evacuation journey, we imagined a tool that addressed user needs at every step of the rescue.

This called for a design that could provide situational visibility, lower cognitive load, and allow shared access to patient information.

We designed for holistic visibility and prioritization.

A high-level view for all patients and detailed individual analysis not only gives field medics visibility into every patient’s status during transportation, but also helps them understand who to care for first.

We designed to get the right information to the right people, at the right time.

As soon as a patient’s vitals are being tracked in the system, field medics can notify doctors that they are on the way.

A wall-mounted ER dashboard and transportation map provide important updates, while individual patient health details can be accessed from the doctor’s handheld tablet.

All of these interfaces work together to increase awareness and help doctors better prepare for patient intake.

When warfighter lives are on the line,
design matters more than ever.

Our MedHub ecosystem was designed to provide transparency across every touchpoint in the medical evacuation process.

Leveraging the various available display types – such as TVs and tablets – allowed us to optimize our designs for monitoring and managing patients every step of the way.

By looking at the pain points of every persona along the journey, our design concept aimed to heighten situational awareness, reduce cognitive load, and save precious time for medical workers, further enabling them to do what they do best:

Save human lives.

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