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Communicating Value

Jack Henry is constantly creating fintech solutions to empower financial institutions to win in the digital space through what they're best at: relationships, trust, and service.

In a fast-moving fintech space, communicating about new, often complex technology and its value to community financial institutions can be a challenge. We teamed up with Jack Henry’s marketing, sales, and product teams to develop common language and clarity in expressing their unique market value.

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The Team, Timeline, & Scope

Our team completed this project over the span of 9 months.

Craig Miller


Kait Bown


Andrew Sladky

Project Manager, Designer

Uniting Voices

Our unique approach called for bringing UX practices into marketing and sales strategy. We united the voices of Jack Henry’s marketing, sales, and product teams to create a consistent and well-rounded message and strategy. Our role consisted of strengthening copywriting and messaging, creating compelling visual design, and an easy-to-navigate information structures.

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Staying on the competing edge

We conducted an extensive usability study comparing Banno, a Jack Henry consumer-facing mobile user experience, to two other digital banking platforms. This helped give insight to where Banno's UX is excelling and what areas could still be improved to stay on top of the competition.

We help you help customers with our convenient solutions

Banno empowers your institution with convenient, cutting edge technology your customers will love.

Understanding where previous methods fell short

Our communication design strategy has involved observing conversations between Jack Henry's team and their customers, both potential and current. This helped us understand how the product’s value was being communicated, uncovering goals, questions, and concerns customers have. Our customer-centered approach allowed us to identify opportunities for tailored communication design.

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Beyond Strategy: Implementation

In addition to our work on the Banno website, we've helped design and develop their API documentation, including a landing page and documentation framework that is accessible to developers of any skill level. We brought our messaging beyond digital solutions, and even assisted in print and presentation implementation.

Eric Batterson

They took the time to understand what we were doing and that allows us to talk and communicate with them like a team member. We don’t have to re-explain things to them; it’s a seamless transition of knowledge.

Eric Batterson Technical Product Manager

We harnessed the power of design thinking to develop a brand strategy for the Banno Digital Platform, establishing them as a leader in digital solutions for community financial institutions and a competitor in the fintech space.

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