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2 Weeks

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Jason Thompson

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Legacy military tools are not only hard to use – they’re hard to redesign too.

In order to win a potential client contract, we were asked to redesign the user interface of a complex legacy command and control (C2) system.

The Problem

The timeline was tight and the domain is dense.

We had just two weeks to research and design a concept that could demonstrate our ability to understand and work within complex knowledge spaces.

Using the information provided to us and our expertise in human-centered design, we set out to:

  • Decrease threat engagement time
  • Increase speed of threat ID and characterization
  • Increase speed of engagement
  • Increase knowledge of outcome

Our Solution

A complete design overhaul for the modern warfighter.

Our final concept significantly improved the user experience by:

  1. Establishing a clear, left-to-right hierarchy
  2. Providing data visualizations for quick situational awareness
  3. Displaying multiple views of a potential threat for higher confidence
  4. Using a high-contrast dark mode screen design for improved focus

We established a clear, left-to-right visual hierarchy.

  • By considering the user’s mental model, we designed an interface that followed a natural flow of engagement from one side of the screen to the other
  • A prioritized list of tracks on the left panel allowed for quick scanning and selection
  • More granular data based on the user’s selection populated to the right of the menu
  • A persistent map view was pinned to the right edge of the screen for big-picture outcome awareness

We provided data visualizations for quick situational awareness.

  • Because every second counts, a live timeline was designed to give the user a clear sense of how long they had to make a potential life-or-death decision
  • Intentional, minimal use of color helped to minimize distraction and draw focus to where it matters

We added multiple ways to view a potential threat for heightened confidence.

  • Having a multidimensional view of the story is imperative when making high stakes decisions
  • Simple, meaningful data visualizations can reduce cognitive load and increase rapid understanding of the threat
  • With a short timeline and a dense problem to solve, our human-centered concept resulted in a won contract. And then some.

    This was just the beginning of a longstanding partnership
    between Visual Logic and SRC. Click below to read more about our continued work with SRC.

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    The work executed by Visual Logic completely exceeded requirements for the project and pleased project stakeholders with the thoroughness of their review and quality of their recommendations. Their team is on time and budget in all of their work.”

    Maria Ucchino
    Former Director of Business
    development, SRC inc.

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