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Understanding equipment dealers’ needs and how to meet them

Our approach

Bobcat ran into challenges accomodating the needs and goals of a variety of dealers that all operated differently. We stepped in to create practical application strategies for human-centered research findings on Bobcat’s Dealer Portal.

To improve these workflows, we identified opportunities for Bobcat corporate to meet dealer needs, created personas, journey maps, and delivered some future conceptual designs.

The Team, Timeline, & Scope

Our team completed this project over the span of 5 months.

Kait Bown

UX Researcher & Designer

Matt Johnson

UX Researcher & Designer

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Step One:
Learn more about Bobcat dealers

Existing research wasn’t tapping into the full picture of dealers' daily responsibilities, how they approach key workflows, and their usage of Bobcat digital systems in completing tasks.

To gain insight on the Dealer Portal, we interviewed dealership employees at all levels, from owners and sales teams, to service techs and office administrators. We met with dealers of all sizes to discuss their key tasks, goals, motivations, and their usage of Bobcat software tools throughout the day.

I think the biggest thing that we all have to remember is: We're all a team. We're all in this together. The only way that we're all going to be able to be efficient and effective, and the best that we can all be is to have these kinds of open-ended questions and comments, and be willing to listen to those answers.

Dealer on Bobcat’s investment in the dealer’s experience.

Research synthesis

50+ Hours of interviews

40+ Interview participants

We asked the right questions.

We worked with TMG on research, steering interview questions away from directly asking dealers what they wanted, and dug deeper with experiential questions. We synthesized findings about the current experience to identify pain points and open the floor to solution opportunities.

We then turned our findings over to Bobcat stakeholders and coached them on how they could inform product decisions.

Illustrating UX with personas

In synthesizing our findings, we created 11 representational personas to illustrate common experiences, pain points, and needs across different roles within dealerships.


Warranty Specialist


Service Technician


Business Manager/Principal


Sales Support

Communicating user stories

We created detailed journey maps that demonstrated how each persona was involved in a particular end-to-end process. We called out the handoffs between people, the tools that they used, and whether or not a particular moment was a positive or negative experience.

Matt Johnson

In order for teams to design great solutions, designers need to understand the big picture of what happens at the dealership. We need to feel what it’s like and experience it. We can’t just focus on the sliver of time when someone jumps into the software. Personas help teams get to know their users and gives everyone a shared understanding of who we're designing for and why.

Matt Johnson Senior UX Designer

Future State Application

Based on our findings, we created design concepts to give stakeholders a vision of the future state of their product and demonstrate how the new personas could be used to help guide product strategy.

Jumping between Bobcat tools frustrated users because information didn’t sync across products and they were maintained by different teams. We suggested a unified platform for a seamless experience.

Future design thinking

Persona storytelling and user journey mapping allowed us to outline user goals and behaviors in a memorable and relatable format. The materials we created now serve as a means for Bobcat to drive product decisions based on critical behavioral data.

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