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Nick Bray

Director of UX Design

Nick is the Director of UX Design and started when VLG consisted of just four people. You will generally find him at the whiteboard (his home away from home), building client relationships, reviewing design decks or mentoring designers. He thrives on conceptualizing ways to solve tough problems with the help of his fellow team members. Nick has earned the nicknames Graphical Wizard and Unicorn Man, both of which speak to his innovative disposition. Nick’s ability to shape an experience for a future vision while working within the constraints of today makes him an important asset to our design team.

Outside of making the world a better experience, you can find him enjoying life with his family and spending time outdoors. Nick is quite the hobbyist. You’ll hear him talking about biking, running, smoking meats, brewing beer, tending to his hops and playing music. Above all, he loves to laugh and spend quality time with family and friends.

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    Wrinkled jeans cause him anxiety. Must iron.
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    Loves building up old bikes (and new).
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    Has an expansive craft beer cellar.

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