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Matt Johnson

Senior UX Designer & Developer

Matt, Senior UX Designer, loves learning about user behaviors, goals and challenges and then taking those insights and designing tools that help make their lives easier. He collaborates closely with our clients to work through constraints and find compromises that keep the best interests of users in mind. He has a background in development and uses that knowledge to help the VLG designers understand the perspective of developers. He also enjoys rubbing elbows with the client development teams to help ensure that our designs are implemented as intended.

Matt has a bachelor’s degree in electronic media and a minor in art from the University of Northern Iowa. He also earned an Associate of Applied Science Degree in recording technology from McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul, Minnesota. Before he joined the Visual Logic team, Matt worked as a web designer and videographer.

When the workday is done, Matt enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids on their little acreage out in the country. He dabbles in building guitars and runs a side-hustle—recording, mixing & mastering music. When not working on music, he’s listening to podcasts, watching the Iowa Hawkeyes, or helping out at church.

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    Is one-quarter Meskwaki Indian.
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    Spent four years of his life in a rock-and-roll band.
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    Has the uncanny ability to predict what will happen in a television show.

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