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Mark Iehl

Director of Operations

As Visual Logic’s Business Manager, Mark works to make sure everything is running smoothly throughout the office (with the strict exception of pixels and code). He keeps a pulse on how the business is doing by tracking the finances, handling the accounting and providing reports to our clients and internal teams. It’s his job to keep everyone informed. Mark is also the closest thing we have to an HR department, and we would like to keep it that way.

Outside of the office, Mark loves spending time with his family and going on walks with them. Ideally, these walks never involve a beach; sand and sunburns are two of his least favorite things in the world (see Fact #3 below for another). Mark also enjoys playing and refereeing soccer as well as staying involved at church.

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    King of puns and dry humor, is constantly cracking witty one-liners.
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    Owns the local snow cone stand with his wife as an ongoing case study in microeconomics. True ice connoisseurs know it is actually called shaved ice.
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    Not a pet person—regularly gives himself pep talks to turn down his daughter’s inevitable requests for a puppy or, heaven forbid, a cat.