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Luke Telecky

UX Designer

Luke is a UX designer who loves the daily opportunity he has to improve the stories of other humans via design.

He has worked on a wide range of projects, but can typically be found in his basement office imagining new user flows, building design systems, creating infographics, digesting military standards, or trying to craft the perfect email. If he isn’t doing any of those things, he might be upstairs getting his kids a snack.

Luke’s background in traditional graphic design lends itself well to sailing the waters between abstract notions and concrete ideas. Whatever the project or task, he is most energized by any chance to collaborate with his teammates and dream up new experiences.

When Luke isn’t working, he’s probably at the park, on the trail, listening to a podcast, noodling on a musical instrument, watching Star Wars, or trying (too hard) to make his wife and kids laugh.

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    His preferred mode of transportation is a plastic mini-skateboard.
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    Most useless talent? Reciting the alphabet backwards. Record time? 2.71 seconds.
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    Owns a banjo, and likes to make people think he knows how to play it.