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Luke Telecky

UX Designer

Luke is a visual designer who is passionate about the way that good design can measurably improve (and sometimes even save) human lives.

His design abilities are regularly applied to all kinds of projects, whether it be a user interface, a magazine, an interactive slide deck, an infographic – even a hundred-plus page Word doc. Whatever the output, he can often be found pacing or absent-mindedly drumming on non-musical objects as he thinks through the project at hand.

Luke earned his Bachelor’s in Graphic Design from the University of Northern Iowa. He is naturally inclined toward peacemaking and one-to-one relationships, which helps him to feel, see, and emulate the perspectives of end-users. This design + empathy combo serves as his launchpad for designing a valuable and delightful experience, from the inside out.

Outside the Visual Logic walls, Luke fills his time by riding bikes and skateboards, being outside with his family, eating burritos, playing music, listening to music, changing diapers, drawing pictures, going to church, spinning vinyl, pondering the far reaches of outer space, counting his blessings, and crossing bridges when he gets to them.

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    His preferred mode of transportation is a plastic mini-skateboard.
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    Most useless talent? Reciting the alphabet backwards. Record time? 2.71 seconds.
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    Owns a banjo, and likes to make people think he knows how to play it.