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Kurt Vander Wiel

Partner & UX Strategist

Kurt, founding partner of Visual Logic, loves thinking about and solving hard problems. He has been a founding member or early leader of four startup companies and on the executive team of two others. Kurt spends much of his time on the road interacting with clients and end users when learning new domains. On former projects, he worked as groundskeeper for a professional baseball team and trained as a soldier, all to understand the finer details of those jobs.

Kurt graduated from University of Northern Iowa with a degree in communications media. While working on his master’s degree, he was introduced to a research department investigating the use of media and interactive displays to assist assembly line operators. Visual Logic was created to turn that research into reality, delivering interactive systems used for assembly lines, dealer training, strategic and tactical marketing, and new product introductions. After some years in various web and media companies, Kurt restarted Visual Logic to pursue user experience consulting.

When not thinking about client solutions, Kurt inhales the fresh air of the great outdoors—biking, kayaking, golfing, cross-country skiing—any excuse to sport his abundance of Eddie Bauer gear. Occasionally, he disappears into his woodworking shop to “make cabinets,” but we have yet to see proof of said cabinets.

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    Prefers not to wade in water above his knees—curious, considering he was a high school swimmer.
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    But just in case he has to wade in some water, he always wears waterproof shoes.
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    Hates, hates, hates wet paper.

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