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Kayla Byington

Director of UX Engagement

Kayla wears many hats at Visual Logic: UX Designer, Synthesizer, Project Manager, Trello-keeper, Consultant, Mom, Nutritionist and Yoga Guru. Along with responding to client requests, you can find her making the rounds at the office—communicating ideas, updating timelines and working through problems with fellow team members. Her synthesis tendencies often make her the fun-hater in a group of generators, but she takes it in stride because she just can’t help but ask a lot of practical questions. Kayla’s constantly managing the juxtaposition of the small, but important, details against the bigger picture.

When not working on great user experiences, Kayla can be found at a pilates or yoga studio. Sometimes she even breaks out downward dog or pigeon during long afternoons in the office. She also loves volleyball. Kayla may have retired her kneepads in 2008, but she has stayed involved in the game by coaching club, high school and camp sessions. Beyond athletics, she’s constantly testing new recipes on her husband, Jay. He was not a fan of the cauliflower mashed potatoes…or the black bean burgers…or the avocado pudding. You win some, you lose some!

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    Nominated (and forced the unanimous vote of) the red EXPO marker as the decision marker.
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    Loves to grocery shop. Finding recipes, reading nutrition labels and comparing prices is her jam
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    Makes a mean black bean cupcake. Yep, you read that right.

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