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Kailie Smith

UX Designer

Kailie is an intuitive UX designer who has been with Visual Logic since 2021. With a keen eye for detail and a dedication to understanding user needs, she consistently delivers impactful design solutions and brings fresh perspectives to the team.

On any given day, you’ll find her immersed in learning about new problem spaces, generating innovative design concepts, and cultivating meaningful relationships with clients. Her invaluable commitment to excellence drives her to continually seek out new challenges and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Kailie’s determination and loyalty shine through as she delves into the “why” behind every problem, ensuring that the solutions exceed the expectations of clients and their customers. She thrives by teaming up with colleagues to brainstorm and execute ideas that deliver exceptional user experiences. For her, the true magic happens in collaboration.

When not immersed in design projects, Kailie can often be found exploring local eateries with her husband, perfecting her baking skills with new recipes, or with her nose in a good book. She loves the simple joys in life and finds that they inspire her creatively both in and out of the office.

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    Pop culture aficionado, especially when it comes to Taylor Swift.
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    Navigates by landmarks and intuition (directions have never been her strong suit).
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    Spent a decade of her childhood mastering the piano.