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Jason Thompson

Senior UX Designer

Jason is a designer and illustrator. He delights in designing anything: infographics, icons, books, brands, websites, software. For over a decade he has focused on deciphering, distilling, and drawing information conundrums: both as infographics and software interfaces.

Complexity is an opportunity: Jason spends most of his day pursuing simplification. He has drawn several thousand icons/illustrations/infographics used in 30+ UI designs. He also values frictionless communication, even team messages are refined with rigor.

Jason thrives in ambiguity. He has a knack for characterizing problems and visualizing them intuitively. He enjoys collaborating to that end. His x-factor is drawing and y-factor (is there a thing?) is seeing big trends—knowing what’s next. He values writing and drawing to communicate quickly.

Away from screens, you may find him as his daughter’s stegosaurus transport vehicle. Or reading Pete the Cat. Or watching Mickey Mouse. Or building with magnetic tiles. Or enjoying a latte with his wife. Or learning about monolithic domes. A jarring change from his pre-family life of breweries, motorcycles, and skydiving.

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    Watch out: He’s a black belt in Taekwondo.
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    Can still nail a backflip from his days as a cheerleader at the University of Northern Iowa.
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    Has a plethora of nicknames. His office moniker? Saucy Burbank.

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