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Izzy Gardner

UX Designer

Izzy is a dynamic UX Designer with a degree from Savannah College of Art and Design, bringing fresh creativity and a collaborative spirit to the team.

Izzy excels at adaptive innovation - designing user flows, engaging stakeholders, and ensuring seamless communication with product and development teams.

Izzy is a highly valued team member, praised for her dedication and driven work ethic. She’s a collaborator with a talent for efficiency and an innate ability to read the room. Her commitment to continuous learning keeps our methods current. In every project, Izzy brings a personal touch, ensuring not only expertise but a genuine understanding of the team’s dynamics.

Outside of work, her creativity shines through in sketchbooks, roller skates, ceramics, and an ongoing journey to learn Italian.

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    Appreciates the benefits of cold plunges, both indoors and out.
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    Believes in the Scandinavian design principle of having seven lamps in every room.
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    Would live in her roller skates if she could.