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Izzy Gardner

UX Designer

Izzy is a UX Designer with a passion for creative problem solving and reaching a unique solution through trial and error. She thrives in collaborative environments, and you can often find her working through details to meet the big picture or reviewing feedback on past design iterations.

Izzy graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in UX Design and a background in graphic design, programming, and fine art. These skills blend to produce work that is both out of the box and well-organized.

Outside of user experience design, Isabella spends time practicing spins on her roller skates. She has been creating art ever since she can remember, so keeping sketchbooks and drawing her cats can take up a lot of her free time.

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    Has kept a variety of pets including sea monkeys and chickens
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    Believes there should be seven lamps in every room
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    Can talk endlessly about the Marie Kondo method