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Isaac Hackman

UX Designer

Isaac is a UX Designer known for his inquisitive mind, fascinated by lifelong learning. He does not shy away from new challenges or navigating unfamiliar territory. Consistently, he seeks opportunities that cultivate his personal and professional development.

You’ll find Isaac immersed in a dynamic blend of discovery, strategic collaboration, and problem-solving activities—fueled by a Caffè americano.

Isaac is a dedicated generalist, seamlessly integrating insights from many disciplines into creative solutions. With a bachelor’s degree in business & entrepreneurship and a master’s degree in human factors, his analytical thinking is enriched by a diverse academic background.

Beyond work, Isaac likes to discover the world on his bike or on foot, frequently relishing panoramic views after a hike. He is a resource for book recommendations, with a reading list that spans psychology, business, nutrition, policy, and more. His diverse hobbies reflect his professional mindset, by taking a holistic approach to life and design.

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    Founder and owner of a local photography company
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    Self-proclaimed National Park hopper
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    Jams out to Canadian icon, Shania Twain