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Craig Miller

UX Designer

Craig is a visual designer who believes that design has the ability to bring people together and share ideas in a way nothing else can. He’s grateful for the chance to harness this power every day in his role as a UX visual designer, where he can be found creating illustrations, websites, publications, and everything in between—all with the goal of helping our clients build great experiences.

Craig studied graphic design at the University of Northern Iowa. His passion for visual creativity and storytelling help him solve design problems and communicate ideas effectively, while providing frequent moments of delight for users.

In his free time, Craig is most likely hanging out with friends and family or working on a personal project. Whether it’s painting, animation, fashion, textile arts, or another creative hobby, he just can’t seem to shake the urge to make cool stuff.

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    Performed on improv comedy teams throughout high school and college
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    Started and ran a clothing brand with a friend for several years
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    Really loves bagels