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Chavi Parks

UX Developer

Chavi is a UX Developer bringing Visual Logic’s intuitive designs to life. Shortly after graduating from the University of Northern Iowa, Chavi joined the team eager to apply his skills in development. He has since been a part of large scale projects, both internally and for clients.

You’ll typically find him collaborating with designers and coding interfaces. Keen on details, Chavi is fluent in speaking the language of both designers and clients.

He is always considering how designs translate to different devices and platforms, ensuring the best user experience no matter the medium. In addition, he is able to effectively communicate abstract development concepts, strengthening the designer’s understanding of current constraints and capabilities.

When he’s away from the code editor, Chavi enjoys being outdoors. You can find him on walks or cruising through town on his long board. He is also passionate about learning — prefering to watch documentaries, YouTube videos, or read to pass the time. Lastly, Chavi values family time, especially the time shared with his younger siblings.

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    Enjoys listening to classical music both in and out of the office
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    Has been long boarding since he was 11
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    A very proud cat dad (usually)