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Andrew Sladky

Senior UX Designer

Andrew is a Senior UX Designer who has been with Visual Logic since 2015.

He is particularly passionate about building meaningful relationships and spends much of his time understanding his clients and their customers to find unique solutions that help them both win. He also spends his time staying up-to-date on the latest tech developments, coaching designers, and collaborating on Visual Logic’s podcast.

With an educational background in organizational communication, Andrew loves to translate the design intention to teams responsible for building the product, because he understands the importance of a healthy and well-structured organization when it comes to building the best experiences.

Outside of work, Andrew enjoys playing with trucks, legos, and building forts with his young kids, finding interesting recipes to cook, spending time with friends, and working through exploring every national park with his wife.

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    Ran his first-ever half marathon in the mountains at Grand Teton National Park.
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    Makes regular visits to Kingston, Jamaica to spend time with students at a Deaf school.
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    Need a knot tied or fire started? Andrew is an Eagle Scout and is “always prepared.”

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