We love products that make our lives easier. When we come across products that allow users to successfully complete tasks without hindrance or confusion, we take note. Consequently, these products are examples of good UX. Here are a couple of products that enhance the experience of two things that people all around the world understand: money and music.


Before Square, it was difficult for small business owners to accept and process credit cards. There were plenty of money transferring systems out there, but none that worked so simply and effectively from anywhere. 

The beauty of Square lies within its simplicity. The small credit card reader plugs right into the headphone jack on a device- whether it is a smartphone or tablet. Square can be used for a wide arrange of businesses, from retail to food and entertainment. And with the no-nonsense costs by transaction, their business model makes it simple to open up an online store, and start accepting payments in person instantly.  

Another reason why we love Square is its convenience, for business owners and customers alike. The time it takes to complete a transaction is sped up at the register, and there is a simple email or text receipt. The application that works alongside the physical card readers gives business owners an easy-to-use backend that provides them analytics as well as pending orders and inventory. Square has truly changed the credit card processing game with a simple, versatile and convenient product. That’s why it’s a product that we (and many customers and business owners) love!


This Hi-Fi home sound system is extremely easy to set up using your wireless network. You can fill your whole home with music in a short amount of time after unboxing, connecting to your wireless router, and downloading the Sonos app. From there, you can begin filling your home  room by room with all of your favorite jams.

The Sonos application is intuitive, and allows you to log into your preferred music service, whether it is Pandora, Spotify or Apple Music. And of course, you can also play songs that are already on your device.

A really fun aspect about the Sonos products is the customization capabilities. Once you have the Sonos bridge connected to your wireless system, you can create a speaker system that is as big or as small as you’d like. You can buy a couple of stereo speakers for your kitchen, and pair it with a sub and speaker in your entertainment area. You can easily reassign speakers to different rooms, and add existing speakers to a room. This flexible system is built with you in mind, and is flexible for whatever size home or room you have. And that makes it a product worth singing UX praises.