Product Design Concept

Imagining an intelligent golf course management system

Greenskeepers have to seamlessly perform a balancing act.

Golf courses are meant to be beautiful—it's part of their allure. The problem is, it takes a lot of work to keep the greens in pristine condition.

Greenskeepers have to perform a balancing act, precisely managing water, nutrients, and pests, at a limited cost. Right now, this is performed in their heads, on club napkins, or pocket-size notebooks.

We designed a system that would help greenskeepers keep tabs on all the nuances of managing a course.

We aren’t talking about your weekly lawn mowing routine.

This is fragmented, large-scale, and complicated.

This concept would allow users to expertly manage each hole, in order to run most efficiently and save golf courses (always needed) cash.

Each hole is divided into smaller zones with detailed information about moisture levels, nutrient applications, pest issues, observations, and recommendations.

Visual Logic had the ability to take our senior leadership, and place them in the future...

Mark Bodwell // Marketing Manager and Past Client

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