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Augmented reality blends the digital world with the real world

How does augmented reality benefit precision agriculture?

What if farmers could view real-time agronomic data, in-context, by just holding up their phones, and scanning their fields? Sounds cool, right?

Visual Logic designed and developed Farm Insight with a simple idea: provide context for the on-the-go farm manager. Our goal was to make his life a little bit easier, knowing he rarely has time to check in at the office, let alone watch a monitor all day long.

This way, he can quickly get a bird's eye view of the entire farm, or he can use his camera to see where his machines are located, and how far they are from his current location.

But this is only the beginning. We know this becomes even more powerful when we can add crop health layers, turn-by-turn directions to machine locations, agronomic data, and more.

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