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Sam Smith

UX Designer

As a UX Designer at Visual Logic, Sam is passionate about all aspects of the UX process, and he hopes his love for problem solving will help users achieve their goals.

In the office, you’ll find him:

  1. Traversing code as he builds out and maintains the Visual Logic website (yes, the one you’re visiting right now).
  2. Seeking the edge of Adobe XD’s capabilities.
  3. Admiring and learning from his talented friends.

Teaching and inspiring others are Sam’s favorite things to do. In fact, euphoria is how he describes the work of synthesizing a complex problem and sharing what he’s learned with his team. Deep understanding and clear communication is fun for him, and it’s foundational to Visual Logic’s process for building out great solutions to hard problems.

Outside the office, Sam loves spending time with his fiancé cooking and going on walks—and creating mind-melting spreadsheets (we’ll leave it up to you to decide if his fiancé is in on that one). His hobbies follow the seasons. In the fall, he’s performing with the University of Northern Iowa Panther Marching Band and cooking grilled cheese for charity with his fraternity chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. In the Spring, he’s volunteering at high school robotics competitions—he loves the roles of Game Announcer and Emcee.

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    Two-time competitor at the FIRST® World Championship with his high school robotics team.
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    Once toured Europe performing with a group of 500 Iowa musicians.
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    Fonts. He calls them (by name) as he sees them.