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Megan Lehman

Alumni - Senior UX Designer

Megan is an Interaction Designer at VLG. Her passion and ambition for new challenges and her detail-oriented personality serve to synthesize complex design problems. She is most often found brainstorming and collaborating with designers and developers, wireframing and bringing ideas to life through high-fidelity design.

Megan has a bachelor’s degree in graphic communications from the University of Northern Iowa. She combines that knowledge with her love for typography and layout design to turn well-thought-out solutions into visually appealing designs.

When not designing, Megan is competing in CrossFit competitions, spending time outdoors or finding new places to go, people to meet, and things to learn.

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    Has an endless bucket list full of adventures.
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    Would love to travel across the United States on a motorcycle with nothing but a tent and a toothbrush.
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    Played college volleyball at the University of Northern Iowa with Kayla.

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