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Kait Bown

UX Researcher

Kait is a UX Researcher who is passionate about understanding users’ needs, behaviors and emotions, and allows those discoveries to guide her design decisions.

Each day, Kait gets to bring new ideas and solutions to life. Whether crafting an app or creating a simple publication, she values a strong narrative paired with well considered visual assets.

Kait earned her bachelor’s degree in graphic design at the University of Northern Iowa. Her love for design and empathy toward people lead her to help our team create meaningful experiences.

Besides curating typographic palettes, Kait enjoys finding new restaurants and quality time with her friends and family. She is a lover of learning, a frequent podcast listener, and our team’s enneagram advocate.

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    Lived in Southeast Asia for two months
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    Once owned and cruised the town on a yellow moped
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    Designed for the world’s largest fast food hot dog chain, Weinerschnitzel